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WASP Grouping

Della Gremling  Class 44-W-4 - Graduating the WASP training program Sweetwater, Texas on May 23, 1944 ~ A fantastic and highly desirable grouping of memorabilia obtained directly from Della in the 1970s by well-known WASP collector George Connell.  Featuring Gremling’s original “Josten” sterling WASP wing badge, original Dog Tag,  her leather WASP “Fifinella” jacket patch,  an original Avenger Field card,  and a hand signed polaroid type photo of Gremling’s 1944 graduation photo.  Her Josten wing badge was engraved by George when he obtained these various wings from each WASP member so he could ensure that the exact attributed wing remained with each specific WASP veteran’s memorabilia.  Accompanying this rare material are several hand written letters of correspondence between Connell and Della regarding her specific WASP memorabilia, her biography detailing her background, education, WASP assignments and flying duties, and post-war service experiences.  These letters date from the late 1970s to the early 80s and also offer an insight into Connell’s endeavors detailing his goals of obtaining specific WASP related memorabilia directly from these veterans.  This is a top shelf grouping, rarely seen in today’s collecting market! 

1st Arctic Search and Rescue Officer's Group*

Captain William Gannon, Ultra rare unit! 
In 1944 Dr. Gannon volunteered to attempt a rescue on the ice in small plane not fitted with skis. The attempt was successful, and Gannon was awarded the Air Medal. The attempt was documented in Life magazine, a copy of which is included. The group includes an ultra-rare 1ST Arctic Search and Rescue squadron patch. Matched set of early gold p/b AMICO Flight Surgeon wings 3' and 2" . Gannon's next of kin dog tags, an unnamed Air Medal, cap badge and other insignia and patches as pictured. Also included is a modern copy of a period photo and excerpt from his obit.

USAF General’s Grouping ~ Major General John S. Samuel

A rare opportunity to obtain a wonderful lot of flight gear and service plaques from a distinguished Air Force officer. 
This material came directly from his estate in 2002.
The lot includes:
Early USAF P-1B Flight Helmet Rig
Type L-2B Flight Jacket- Size Large
(3) USAF Flight Suits
USAF Flight Bag
Various Award Plaques
(2) Pair Flight Boots  
Additional history on General Samuel can be found at


5th Air Force Named Silver Star / Air Medal Lot

Scarce AAF Valor medal lot, named and engraved Silver Star and Air Medal to S/Sgt. Harley A. Kirk. 
 Each are (slot brooch) style, nicely engraved and in excellent condition. 
Early Air Corps valor awards for combat flying out of New Guinea / Australia are scarce.  The Silver Star awarded to Kirk is also confirmed in the Howard Mingos reference book “American Heroes of the War In The Air”. 
 Investment grade!  

7th Air Force KIA Gunner’s Grouping

S/Sgt. Joseph E. Logue – B-24 Gunner 392nd Bomb Squadron 30th Bomb Group 7th Air Force.  Listed as MIA on Dec. 20, 1943 lost in combat.  The grouping features cased engraved DFC, Air Medal, and Purple Heart medals, American Campaign, Asiatic Pacific Campaign and WWII Victory medals, 3” sterling Gunner wing badge, AAF / 7th Air Force sleeve patches.   An extensive amount of (copy) documents to include award documents and records, service documents, casualty reports, eye-witness accounts of fellow crews regarding the mission in which Logue was lost, letters to the family regarding Logue being listed as MIA.  Excellent research and documentation material present for this grouping! 7th Air Force related groupings are quite scarce. 
SOLD $1,250.00

Lt. Col Chester A. Snow Memorabilia Lot

A fantastic grouping of personal memorabilia from a distinguished Air Force veteran with service spanning from WWI thru post-WWII USAF.  Snow began his military career by enlisting in the French Foreign Legion to undergo flight training for the Lafayette Escadrille.  Upon graduation from flight training Snow was transferred to the U.S. Army Air Service serving with distinction in the 94th Aero Squadron until the end of the war.  Between the wars, Snow raced various aircraft in several Air Races throughout the country and also assisted with testing the (proximity fuse) for the U.S. Army.  At the beginning of WWII Snow was the only member of the U.S. Army Air Corps Reserve to serve on the General Staff at the Pentagon.  He was later sent to China to serve as Deputy Chief of Staff under General Stillwell.  Snow’s last assignment of WWII took him to India where he served as Assistant Deputy Commander of the 10th Air Force.  The personal memorabilia of Lt. Colonel Snow includes a wonderfully engraved pre-WWII era Pilot wing badge – nicely engraved “Lt. Col. Chester A. Snow A.C. U.S. Army O-129300”.  Accompanying his Pilot wing are Snow’s WWII era dog tags, post-war era (9) place ribbon bar for dress uniform wear, a nice China Burma India Theater DUI ~ theater made, and a rare original 94th Aero Squadron photograph of Snow in his SPAD fighter.  
A rare opportunity! 

13th Air Force C-47 Radio Operator’s Grouping

S/Sgt. Peter A. Beck – C-47 Radio Operator in the 13th Troop Carrier Squadron ~ the “Thirsty Thirteenth”.  The grouping features engraved DFC, Air Medal, Good Conduct, American Campaign, Asiatic Pacific Campaign and WWII Victory medals, an original 13th Troop Carrier jacket patch, 3” sterling Aircrewman wing badge, AAF / 13th Air Force sleeve patches.   An extensive amount of (copy) documents to include award cards and documents , combat service documents, and personal records.  Beck served early war in the New Caledonia, Guadalcanal, Santos, Munda regions of the SWP and flew (200) combat missions.  A scarce medal grouping! 

10th Air Force Aircrewman Grouping

Pfc. Arthur J. Wangler – C-47 Aircrewman / Loadmaster.  The grouping features cased engraved DFC and Air Medals, Good Conduct, Asiatic Pacific Campaign and WWII Victory medals, 3” sterling Aircrew wing badge, CBI Theater bullion sleeve patch, Enlisted Man’s cap device and uniform collar discs.   Wangler served in the Quartermaster Corps, but was assigned to flying duties supporting the Indian, British and Chinese allies, as well as our Commando units in Burma.  His service record indicates (126 combat missions flown) and was awarded the DFC w/ 3 OLC and Air Medal w/ 4 OLC .  Also, features documentation for his awards and combat duties.  The DFC and Air Medal also include the original shipping boxes and letters of transmittal to Wangler (scarce!).  Overall a very unique AAF medal grouping!  $1,200.00

WWII era USN VC-70 lot

All from one veteran’s estate Homer Unterkircher
~features a scarce WWII era VC-70 “Scorpions” squadron decal – a large decal measuring approx 5.5” x 7.0” in size in mint condition in the original paper wrapping.  Original Composite Squadron 70 unit history,  large metal name plate, original photographs.  Scarce!  $925.00

13th Air Force 307th B.G. KIA Named Medal Lot

Flight Officer Joseph E. Novakovits killed in action in November of ‘44 near the Palau Islands ~ the plane and crew were never recovered.   Features cased Air Medal and Purple Heart, both nicely engraved and (slot brooch) style.  The officially engraved Air Medal comes in the original shipping box with acknowledgment card.  The 307th Bomb Group, known as the “Long Rangers” were a very distinguished combat unit during WWII and beyond.  13th Air Force related groupings are scarce! 

15th Air Force KIA Engraved Purple Heart Lot

S/Sgt. Thomas M. McGraw – B-24 Radio Operator in the 716th Bomb Squadron 449th Bomb Group ~ KIA Feb. 29, 1945.  This lot features a beautifully engraved cased Purple Heart medal with accompanying document.  Included is a large binder with extensive research information regarding the veteran and the mission in which he was lost.  A nice opportunity for MTO collectors! 
SOLD $500.00

WWII RCAF Gunner’s Grouping

A great medal and insignia grouping from RCAF veteran Paul Anthony Turner - Aerial Gunner on Lancaster bombers during WWII.   The cloth insignia appears removed from his uniform.  The medals include 1939/1945 Star, France and Germany Star, Defense medal, 1938/45 Canadian Voluntary Service medal, and the War medal.  Also includes a great period original crew photo, with crew information on reverse.   Worthy of further research. 

8th Air Force Enlisted Man’s Diaries Lot

T/Sgt. William D. Rodgers was a Turret Mechanic on B-17s.  It appears he was in the 34th Bomb Group, as there are several references to the 34th in the diaries.  The grouping contains (3) hand written diaries, AAF Technical School Graduation Certificate for (Power Turrets), lots of original photos, newspaper clippings, and more.  The diaries start when Rodgers entered service in 1942 up thru the end of his service when he returned Stateside in 1945.  The content of the diaries is great reading ~ detailing most of his daily activities in training, day-to-day entries while in combat detailing specific aircraft, crews, missions, losses and more.  Interesting content!  The photos are a mix of activities while in England, fellow comrades, B-17s in action, local tourist sites in England and Rome.  The newspaper clippings are generally of combat related topics ~ specific events.  Also included is a rare hand written dispatch to all Squadron Commanders dated 4/12/44 ~ reads as follows:  “8th Air Force, England – 4/12/44 – To All Squadron Commanders,  Attached weather report for upcoming missions, will give you time to plot formation status.  Use code 16-1-18-92-10 book no.17.  Missions will be revealed on a need to know basis and at proper time.  Good Luck and God Bless. 01:10 hrs. High Command – Gen. Hamilton (prepared by Capt. R.L. Lewis)”.  Attached to this letter is a 7-day weather forecast by the day, as well a list of (7) unique passwords for each day.  A very cool piece of 8th Air Force Bomber Command history! 

 8th Air Force Gunner’s Medal Lot

 B-17 ball-turret Gunner Sgt. Remi G. Eberenz (37623587) 350th Bomb Sqdn 100th Bomb Group.  Grouping features Eberenz’s original Air Medal w/OLCs (wrap brooch style) and accompanying ribbon bar, Army Good Conduct medal, WWII Victory Medal, Aircrew wing badge “Gemsco N.Y.”, WWII dog tag, AAF and 8th Air Force shoulder patches, original General Order documents for his Air Medal (dated August ‘44) and (3) additional award documents for the Oak Leaf  cluster.  Eberenz initially served on the Lt. Spear crew, then joined the B-17 “Spirit of Pittwood” Lt. Daniels crew.  Accompanying the memorabilia are also copies of the combat information on both crews Eberenz flew with as well as his combat missions flown in the ETO.  A nice lot of memorabilia from a “Bloody 100th” veteran! 
SOLD $250.00

385th Bomb Group Navigator Group

1st Lt. Harvey B Rosenbloom flew 35 missions as navigator with the 385th BG on B-17s.
Rosenbloom was awarded the Air Medal with 5 OLC. He stayed in the Air Force Reserve after the war and attained the rank of Lt. Colonel. This group includes his wrap brooch Air medal with silver oak leaf, and ribbon bar. 3" CB AE &co Sterling Navigator wings, matching US and AAF collar insignia and standard AAF And 8th AAF patches. Also a period newspaper chipping and photo. Also a copy of a 1970's newspaper article referencing his service and about him participating in a NATO exercise.
Also included the WWII era coffin style Air Medal case.

450th Bomb Group, 720th Bomb Squadron Co- Pilot Grouping

B24 Co-Pilot Lt. Frank Demjen, part of the 450th BG/ 720th BG on the crew of James Irwin.
This group came from the estate and consists of 3 15th AAF patches, two of which are beautiful Italian theater made examples
Also included are 3" Sterling PB pilot wings, single collar and rank pins.
Modern reproductions of his crew photos.

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